Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Facebook update

I'm on Facebook! Yay!

Well, yes, I joined Facebook a long time ago, and many of the Legoblog readers have found their way here through FB status updates or friends posting links. A good friend of mine suggested a fan page for the blog, and another good friend decided that it was a great idea, and now here it is!


I am truly, truly grateful to everyone who has emailed the blog to their friends, signed up to be a follower, or mentioned the link in wall posts or status updates. It completely makes my day when I see it being passed around. There have been hits from 20 different countries now (!!!), and while I'm sure that some of them are spiders or other electronic non-people, I'm thrilled just the same.

Thanks for your support!

I just realized that I looked at the page but didn't join. How sad would that be if I wasn't even a fan of myself? Off to fix that error...

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