Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 146: Need your help! (My first giveaway)

In addition to the 2+ weeks straight of sick children slowing me down, I seemed to have slammed into the proverbial creative brick wall. I've had this photo on my desktop for a couple of days; I know I had a caption in mind when I shot it, but whatever it was, it's vanished like an ice cream cone in a room full of hungry toddlers.

So, I'm coming to you for help. Write a caption for the photo and post it in the comments. The winner, as determined by a highly select group of judges (i.e. me, along with my older children), will receive his or her choice of the following items:

* A guest post on the blog

* A dozen freshly baked homemade whoopie pies, if you're local

* A custom-made camera strap cover

I'm hoping that someone out there is more creative than I'm feeling at the moment!

Here's the shot:

...aaaaaaaaaannd GO!