Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 146: Need your help! (My first giveaway)

In addition to the 2+ weeks straight of sick children slowing me down, I seemed to have slammed into the proverbial creative brick wall. I've had this photo on my desktop for a couple of days; I know I had a caption in mind when I shot it, but whatever it was, it's vanished like an ice cream cone in a room full of hungry toddlers.

So, I'm coming to you for help. Write a caption for the photo and post it in the comments. The winner, as determined by a highly select group of judges (i.e. me, along with my older children), will receive his or her choice of the following items:

* A guest post on the blog

* A dozen freshly baked homemade whoopie pies, if you're local

* A custom-made camera strap cover

I'm hoping that someone out there is more creative than I'm feeling at the moment!

Here's the shot:

...aaaaaaaaaannd GO!


  1. After months of wandering in the spider-infested jungle, hopelessly lost, Dr. Livingstone laid down to accept his unavoidable fate.

  2. After that wild night, James regretted telling his friends about his reaction to the "Arachnophobia" movie.

  3. After days of being lost in the forbidden forest, Hagrid hopes his trust friend Aragog and his spider army will protect him during a brief rest and then lead him to safety.

  4. Peter rued the day he found the map to Middle Earth. Who knew that it led directly to Shelob's lair and not to the Shire?

  5. Unfortunately, Ben discovered that what he thought was a treasure map was actually the fast food delivery menu for the spider colony.

  6. Hagrid finally understood Ron's phobia after all these years...

  7. I didn't know you were still blogging! *squee!!*
    I posted a minifigure pic on Jonna's FB and it reminded me of your blog. I had to search DAM threads to find the link. So excited to find it!! (We are definitely still in the extreme love for Legos phase over here.) Being pummeled by my little "tornado" (Noah) so I don't have time to look now. Will have to bookmark and come back soon! They will LOVE seeing your pics. :)

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    2. After seeing all the spider-man movies Homeless Joe decided to see if a spider bites would really give him super-powers.

      I found this blog via Google search. I'm doing 365 lego photos on my blog too! Link: