Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost there...

Thansk to your help, we're up to 45 of 50 states! Citizens of Alaska, South Dakota, Montana, and Iowa have all been sucked into the world of LEGO figures during the last five days. Welcome to my warped sense of humor! :D

That still leaves:
North Dakota
New Hampshire

I've been trying to figure out what I'll do once we reach all fifty. Besides thinking about a related pic for that day, my original idea was to throw a party and invite all of you over for cupcakes. Since that just doesn't work, I'll probably do a LEGO giveaway instead. It won't be anything huge (and let's face it, a cupcake is much more tasty), but it's much easier to ship a LEGO box than small baked goods covered with frosting.

So, thank you to everyone who continues to pass along the link, whether it's through word of mouth, email, FB status updates, your own blog, or any other method you've used to share the insanity. Keep it up--it's very much appreciated! And don't forget to join the Facebook page, since I'll be working on a separate giveaway for the fans there.

And for my international readers, a huge thank you to you as well! A good-sized percentage of my readers are in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I wish I had a realistic goal for countries other than the US, but hitting all of them is a bit lofty when you consider that there are nearly 200 countries in the world. Right now the current total is 20 countries, which is great! Keep passing it on.

Have a good week!

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